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Analytics Client ID, Campaign Cookies and Google Tag Manager

Posted by Lucía Marín on Ene 6, 2017

Recently, I was reading some topics at GTM forums and I began to write an answer… As usual, when I finished, it was so long than I decided to write and launch my first real English post (without a third person translation, sorry for mistakes in advanced ha ha).



Can I do anything with ClientID (under User Explorer) in GTM? (self.GoogleTagManager)

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1) Can GTM pull the ClientID somehow and then use it as a trigger for events?; 2) Can we somehow trigger adwords ads based on client ID or with another ad platform?

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May you refer to the same ClientID from User Explorer Report in GA, isn’t it?
I think what you are asking for is very interesting ;)

Question by question:


1) Can GTM pull the ClientID somehow and then use it as a trigger for events?

Some ideas:

1. You can capture _ga first party cookie with a GTM custom variable.
2. Now, you can read this cookie with a GTM variable, and you can create a trigger like this:

2.1. When {{GA Cookie}} is not «undefined».
Or create a trigger when the cookie has an exact value you look (why my little Big Brother? :P), or for or a Regular Expression range.


2.2. You can simply set up this a an adittional condition to any kind of event trigger you wish create :)

So, in short: Yes, it is possible to set up a cookie condition -e.g.- as a trigger or aditional condition for GTM events.


2) Can we somehow trigger adwords ads based on client ID or with another ad platform?

Yes, you can look for some _ga cookie range, or simply _ga cookie, but does not have much sense for me.

It is highly advisable you read this great post from Simo Ahava:
The _ga cookie is always setup by default, as we trigger Google Analytics pageview tag at the beggining of page load (usually at event: gtm.js).


The same idea is more complex and rich, I personally think, with Google Adwords and other campaign platforms cookies.

We can collect the user adquisition data for each session in which there is an advertising cookie.
We can create like an «user cookies customer journey» ha ha, collecting relevant cookies data with GTM variables. And -for example- popullating this into Google Analytics via a session-scoped dimension or content group, and setting this up into Google Analytics Admin settings as well.

In case you wish read more about this report and other user reports :) I wrote this post few time ago: Exploring Users in Google Analytics (Google Translate from this blog:

And some more time ago I wrote this other about Understanding Users in Google Analytics (also a translation, arg, in the future I will translate it properly, just some posts).

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